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Accounts Receivable Mgmt

The purpose of this privacy statement is to demonstrate CAD Accounts Receivable Mgmt is firmly commitment to privacy and to be PCI and HIPAA compliant. We uphold strict industry standards for the privacy of all information for Financial Institutions, Hospitals, Medical and Dental Practices, Municipalities, Utility Companies, as well as all other business entities. This statement states our information gathering and dissemination practices. 

  • All our servers are located in data centers that are secured and maintained by 24/7 support staff.
  • All our FTP servers are protected by the latest state of the art firewalls, intrusion and brute force protection.
  • All of our FTP Servers run on Linux operating systems for maximum stability and intrusion protection.
  • All our FTP shared servers with FTP sites do not accept anonymous FTP.
  • HIPAA compliant File Transfer features.
  • FTP over HTTPS (SSL)128-bit transfer.  All files transferred to and from a secure FTP site are encrypted.